Redfishing year-round

Charlotte Harbor Premier Fishing Charters

Welcome aboard! I'm Captain Erick Joseph and I'd like to personally thank you for the opportunity to bring you a great fishing adventure. I fish every day and love it. You might not be so fortunate so when you share a day on the water with me I want it to be the Florida backwater fishing experience of your life. Whether you are looking to catch Snook in Stump Pass, Tarpon along Boca Grande Pass, Redfish in Gasparilla Sound, Trout in Lemon Bay, or simply experience nature you've come to the right guide. 

 Southwest Florida's finest saltwater fishing occurs from Englewood south to Boca Grande. This area of Florida has some of the best backcountry and flats fishing in the world. Boca Grande is the "Tarpon Capital of the World" and Charlotte Harbor is the second largest estuary in the state. Each year, Boca Grande Pass attracts Tarpon fisherman from around the world to compete in any of its famed Tarpon fishing tournaments. 

A fisherman's dream! Charlotte Harbor has an extensive network of bays, mangroves, flats, oyster beds, islands, holes, and tidal creeks that present angling challenges to the novice, as well as the accomplished anglers. The numerous boat docks, walls, and bridges present their own unique fishing opportunities. 

Port Charlotte Florida is situated on the North end of Charlotte Harbor aquatic preserve with two freshwater rivers flowing through. The Myakka River enters Charlotte Harbor from the North West and Peace River from the North East shores of Port Charlotte. The mixture of fresh water meeting with salt water is very important in sustaining our world-class fishery. 

Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound, Gasparilla Sound, and Lemon Bay boast some of the best opportunity to view and capture nature. When you fish with Captain Erick you will not only learn to read the water, you may also see Dolphins, Manatees, Bald Eagles, Osprey, all sorts of waterfowl, Sting Rays, and much more. Did I mention that our sunset on the water is amazing!

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​​We fish for Snook year-round

We are a full-time Charlotte Harbor fishing guide service offering fishing charters on the backwaters of Charlotte Harbor Estuary, Boca Grande, Gasparilla Sound, Placida and Lemon Bay. Fishing for Snook, Redfish & Trout on live and artificial bait using light tackle.

Snook are one of Florida's most sought-after game fish. Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande offer the BEST Snook fishing in the world. Snook offer awesome head-shaking jumps, blazing runs, and they have a way of using their gill plate to cut the fight short. The Snook is a true game fish that I love to stalk. If you fish with me you will long for your next Florida Snook fishing trip. Snook can be fished with live, artificial, and even cut bait. After a great day in the sun plan to spend a few hours with me fishing for Snook into the evening while enjoying the sunset. Come have a Snook fishing experience you will not soon forget!

Our Location
We are located directly on Charlotte Harbor. Being centrally located in Placida Florida and having pickup locations from the North-Englewood, to the East - Port Charlotte, and to the South-Boca Grande. This allows us to get to the fishing grounds faster which means more fishing and less driving.
Nearby Cities we Service

Sarasota Florida is 45 minutes.
Boca Grande is 5-7 minutes.
Venice Florida is 25 minutes.
Port Charlotte Florida is 20 minutes.
Placida Florida is 5 minutes.
Englewood Florida is 7-15 minutes.          
North Port Florida is 25 minutes.
Grove City Florida is 5 minutes.
Rotonda West Florida is 7-10 minutes.

Times are approximate and are based out of the Eldred's Marina location.

                                 DRIVING DIRECTIONS 

Trout year-round

Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande offer great spotted trout fishing. Often we go out fishing for trout and catch so many that every other cast is a fish. Consisting of networks of bays, mangroves, flats, and miles of thick grass, our estuary makes a perfect habitat for the fanged tooth. They are known for blowing up on topwater plugs. They are great fish that can be taken on a variety of baits. It is not unusual to find other exciting Florida game fish species when fishing trout holes.



The bull of the backcountry. They fight like Bulldogs! Long runs and aggressive! Some people come to Southwest Florida just to catch Redfish. They are a prized catch to any angler. Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande offer fantastic Redfishing. Redfish often live in the same habitat as the Snook. We will find them in and around some of the most beautiful water, mangroves, and oyster beds you will ever see. Redfish can be taken on a variety of baits artificial, live and cut. There are many great Redfish holes in Gasparilla Sound and throughout the area. Fishing for Redfish with an experienced guide who knows how the fish move with the tide will greatly improve your catch.