Englewood Fishing Charters on Lemon Bay catch Snook, Redfish and Trout using live bait and artificial lures.

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I'm captain Erick Joseph a full time fishing guide serving the waters of Lemon Bay and the surrounding waters of Charlotte Harbor.

In 1986 Lemon Bay located in Englewood Florida the smallest of the 5 Charlotte Harbor aquatic preserves, was designated as an aquatic preserve. Lemon bay is a long, narrow, shallow waterway that has two gulf passes and 7 tributaries flowing in. Lemon Bay aquatic preserve consist of approximately 73 square miles. With this amount of water Lemon Bay is like a tropical gem. The blue waters and the abundance of wild life will take your breath away.

Fishing in Lemon Bay is a wonderful experience as it offers inlets, bays, tidal creeks, beaches grass flats, bridges, docks, mangrove islands, and oyster bars. This diversity allows anglers to fish many techniques from live bait consisting of shrimp, pinfish, crabs, white bait, cut bait, or using artificial lures.While fishing lemon bay you can expect to fish for snook, trout and redfish although it is not uncommon to catch tarpon, cobia, jacks, mackerel and snapper in fact lemon bay is home to over 200 species of fish.

lemon bay snook fishing trip

Lemon Bay Snook fishing  "All year day - night"

Lemon bay offers exceptional opportunities to fish for the elusive snook . Lemon bay Is lined with docks,  bridges, beaches and of course Stump Pass. With the Intercoastal channel and the narrow make up of the bay allows me to fish many different techniques in a single outing. Dock fishing is usually done buy using the electric motor and flipping live bait or artificial lures under the shadows of the dock. Snook love structure and will hold tight to it so you have to be consistent and accurate and ready to hoarse them out when they strike.

Bridge fishing for snook is a lot like dock fishing though I find that after casting and flipping I prefer to anchor up and wait them out with live bait I always have a rod ready with a artificial lure as snook will turn on and start blasting bait on the surface especially at night .

Beach fishing starts at stump pass and continues on the shores of Englewood and Manasota beach typically fished with live bait and artificial lures

 lemon bay  redfish

Redfish in Lemon Bay year round

Lemon Bays extensive networks of islands, oyster bars and mangroves offer unique opportunities to fish for the great “bull of the flats” using live bait, artificial lures and cut bait. Redfish are truly one of Florida’s best sport fish that I love to stalk.

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Trout year round

Lemon Bay offers great spotted Sea trout fishing. Consisting of networks of bays, mangroves, flats, and miles of thick grass our estuary makes a perfect habitat for the fanged tooth. They are known for blowing up on top water plugs. They are great fish that can be taken on a variety of baits. It is not unusual to find other exciting Florida game fish species when fishing trout holes.

boca Grande Tarpon fishing
Boca Grand Tarpon Fishing  April - September  

While chasing the mighty Tarpon, I fish all of the waters of Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor. Boca Grande is the Tarpon Capital of the world. Once the first week of May arrives, so do championship tournament fisherman coming from Florida and across the country... many in search of the 200 pound monster Tarpon. Imagine the thrill. You can experience some of this excitement first hand when you fish with Captain Erick of Tails and Scales Charters. I stalk Tarpon using various live bait including crabs, thread fin, and pin fish. Artificial lures including bombers, rapalas, and mirrors all work on light tackle. The Tarpon season begins around mid April dependent upon water temperature. The season continues through September, and often even longer into the fall. There are a four basic methods for fishing for Tarpon in Boca Grande. These consist of drifting in Boca Grande pass, chasing them up the harbor, fishing along the beach, and working the many bridges. As a professional Tarpon Guide, I fish using all four methods. I will take clients for day Tarpon fishing or for Night Tarpon fishing.