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Our Location
We are located directly on Charlotte Harbor. Being centrally located in Placida Florida and having pickup locations from the North - Englewood, to the East - Port Charlotte, and to the South - Boca Grande. This allows us to get to the fishing grounds faster which means more fishing and less driving.
Nearby Cities we Service

Sarasota Florida is 45 minutes.
Boca Grande is 5-7 minutes.
Venice Florida is 25 minutes.
Port Charlotte Florida is 20 minutes.
Placida Florida is 5 minutes.
Englewood Florida is 7-15 minutes.          
North Port Florida is 25 minutes.
Grove City Florida is 5 minutes.
Rotonda West Florida is 7-10 minutes.

Times are approximate and are based out of the Eldred's Marina location.

                                 DRIVING DIRECTIONS 

Port Charlotte offers great Redfish fishing year round

 Port Charlotte Florida Fishing Charters



Port Charlotte in my opinion truly offers world-class Snook fishing. Day or night trips can be very productive. The miles of shoreline, creeks, and cuts make for a great experience. Especially for an Angler that likes to work a shoreline flipping live or artificial under the mangroves, horsing a beast out of the deep brush, or working the bridges and structure with heavier gear anticipating that there is a chance of catching a state record. With blazing runs, head-shaking jumps and having a way of using their gill plate to cut the fight short the Snook is a true game fish that I love to stalk.

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Port Charlotte Offers Great Spotted Sea Trout fishing

We are a full-time Port Charlotte Florida Fishing Charter service located on Charlotte Harbor estuary. We Fish for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, & Trout on live and artificial bait using light tackle.
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Port Charlotte offers fantastic Redfish fishing with quick access to the fishing grounds. Redfish get their nickname "bull of the flats" from their incredible will to fight. They are known for pulling drag on long runs and not giving up. I fish for them with live, cut bait, and artificial lures. They're also commonly caught while fishing for Snook as both lurk in the same habitat.

Charlotte Harbor is second to none when it comes to Spotted Sea Trout fishing. Trout, in my opinion, are one of the best sport fish around and are very much underrated. They might not have the powerful runs as the Red's or Snook but I promise you they are by far more aggressive. Trout are known for blowing up on topwater plugs and attacking a shrimp or whitebait under a popping cork. Trout is great for lots of action and confidence building for the beginner or the accomplished angler that just wants the pole to bend while trying a new lure out.   

I'm Captain Erick Joseph a full-time fishing guide serving the waters of Port Charlotte Florida and the surrounding waters of Charlotte Harbor.

Port Charlotte sits on Charlotte Harbor aquatic preserves with two main rivers flowing through. The Myakka River and Peace River make for a fishery like nowhere else. The calm waters and the abundance of wildlife will take your breath away.

The Myakka River travels nearly 60 miles southwest from its headwaters and marshes near the Myakka Head. As it makes its way under the 41 bridge leaving Sarasota County and entering Charlotte County FL it merges with Charlotte Harbor on the shores of Port Charlotte. The abundance of fresh water mixing with salt water leaving brackish water makes for
outstanding fishing. A number of rains usually determines how much fresh water flows in and changes the salinity of the water creating a perfect place for bait fish to school up. This usually happens during the dry season of winter passes and the warmer weather of spring approaches. During this time the Snook that has been in winter mode way back in the creeks begin their journey back to the warming waters of Charlotte Harbor.  At the same time, the resident Tarpon is staging an all-out assault on the plentiful schools of baitfish using the structure of the El Jobean bridge and the 41 Bridge separating Port Charlotte from Punta Gorda Florida.

Port Charlotte’s unique diversity makes for a wonderful fishing experience as it offers inlets, bays, tidal creeks, grass flats, bridges, docks, mangrove islands, and oyster bars. This diversity allows anglers to fish many techniques from live bait consisting of shrimp, pinfish, crabs, whitebait, cut bait, or using artificial lures.

Common fish caught while fishing on a Port Charlotte fishing charter are Snook, Trout, Tarpon, and Redfish. It is not uncommon to catch, Cobia, Jacks, Sharks, Mackerel and Snapper. El Jobean Bridge the Myakka cutoff and the West Wall are just a few of the known Hot spots to target Game fish and can all be targeted on a Port Charlotte fishing Charter.