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  Welcome, I'm Captain Erick Joseph above is my wife Beth and sons, David and Samuel. I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio where I had the opportunity to learn and love the outdoors. I grew up surrounded by woods, creeks, and lakes. Looking back it all makes sense I can remember the excitement of my Father pulling up the driveway late at night after a fishing trip and running out to see what he caught. I couldn't wait to hear the story and for my chance to go. For years all I heard was walleye and Lake Erie, the schools of fish, and the ten-foot waves. My time came and it was better then I could ever imagine. You see my father was a fisherman and I was becoming one. I was all ears if Dad said: "try gold and black" I did, "try a faster retrieve" I did, "let's try the darker water" ok! Dad, don't you want to fish? I asked. He answered: "no I'd rather see you guys catch them." I didn't realize what he was teaching me then but I do now. You see the real thrill is the hunt. Finding the right bait, color, presentation, and seeing the look on someones face as their pole is bent in half and knowing you made this happen. 

Over twenty years ago I met my wife Beth and we both loved Florida. We took a vacation to Sarasota where I met local fishermen that took me for my first backwater experience and I was hooked line and sinker. I couldn't believe the beauty of the mangroves, the smell of salt in the air, looking up and seeing a bald eagle, and the incredible fight that redfish and snook offered. I told Beth "whatever it takes this is going to be home!" This is home and I'm glad it is. I still get a rush every time I'm on the water. I have had the opportunity to raise two boys that love to fish as much as I do and to pass on the tradition. I still love the hunt, finding the right bait, color, presentation and seeing the look on someones face as their pole is bent in half and knowing I made this happen.